Monday, April 10, 2006

The Odessa American's 10 Commandments of Blogging
1) Thou shalt Not Let Anyone Else Use Your Account (We want to make sure they've seen the user agreement.)
2) Thou Shalt Not Post Anything Vulgar, Hateful or Otherwise Attack Anyone's Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation.
3) Thou Shalt Not Use Someone Else's Work Without Permission.
4) Thou Shalt Not Post Anything Pornographic (That's kind of hard to define, but we'll know it when we see it!)
5) Thou Shalt Not Post Anything Libel Anyone.
6) Thou Shalt Be Over The Age of 13
7) Thou Shalt Not Post A Picture of a PINK SLOTH. (Just making sure you were still reading)
8) Thou Shalt Not Post Advertisements (If you wish to advertise on OA Online please feel free to contact us!)
9) Thou Shalt Allow To Use Your Work Without Paying For It. (We're not stealing your copyright, but if you've written something really clever, we want to be able to tell other people about it. If you want to sell it later, you still can.)
10) Thou Shalt Read the User Agreement and Policy. (The Odessa American's 10 Commandments)

School uniforms: Time for a new vote?
Some parents and administrators in Odessa aren’t ready to scrap uniforms for junior high students but are for improving the way the policy is enforced while others have called for a new vote on wearing uniforms, a random sampling showed.

How do you feel about this?